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Almi for Hair

Take back control of your hair … and restore your confidence!

Hair loss affects 70% of men and 40% of women and can start as early as a person’s teens, with risk increasing with age.

Hair loss can result in the loss of confidence and has been one of the more difficult areas to treat – with painful surgical processes, lotions and pills that don’t work, and expensive hair pieces. It is often an area that can cause frustration and embarrassment. Whether it is for a receding hairline, a balding area, a lack of fullness and volume, or thinning or sparse hair overall, the ALMI™ Procedure (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) may be the all-natural solution for your hair loss.

hair loss treatment ALMI 300x200Miniaturization of the hair follicle is the clinical hallmark of balding. Certain studies have established that cells residing in the scalp remain at persistent numbers, but the conversion of cells to the progenitor cells required for follicle stimulation and cycling is reduced in balding patients. Efforts to assist in this regeneration of the hair follicle may induce a more robust and stronger recycling of the hair follicle. Once these cells are administered, they have the ability to re-activate dormant follicles, forming new cells of mesenchymal origin.

How is the ALMI™ Procedure Performed?

The ALMI™ procedure provides targeted treatment using your own cells to help stimulate the regeneration of follicles during hair growth cycles.  The procedure is performed either in the clinician’s office or in an outpatient facility, using local anesthesia for the harvest site and treatment site, and is completed in an hour or less.   A small amount of fat is harvested from either the abdomen or flank area, using a process called tumescent liposuction, which is done manually, with a very small cannula and tiny incision.  Blood is drawn for PRP.  The area to receive treatment is numbed and the ALMI™ and PRP injections are given using a very small needle, similar to that used in facial fillers.  Results are typically seen during the next cycle of hair growth and improve over time with each hair growth cycle.  See the dramatic results in the video link below, as well as our Before & After Gallery – growth is often stimulated after just one or two months.

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ALMI™ can help restore:

  • Hair Follicles
  • Thickness
  • Regrowth
  • Receding Hairlines
  • Bald Spots

This brief video from Dr. Ed Zimmerman shows the dramatic results after only two months following the patient’s treatment of ALMI™ and PRP.


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