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Nov 05 2010 Returned from an amazing conference in Italy that was held in Ferrara, Italy October 8-10, 2010

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Returned from an amazing conference  in Italy that was held in  Ferrara, Italy October 8-10, 2010,  the 2nd international  Neural Prolotherapy Workshop.  The importance of this  conference is reflected by the large number   of countries  that were represented, with  27 doctors enrolled that  came from Australia, USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Korea, Spain, Canada, Germany, India and Italy. The speaker, Dr. John Lyftogt presented the results of his research and taught the members the way he treats patients. I participated as one of his instructors.    Neural Prolotherapy  is a new therapeutic approach to chronic neuropathic pain, which until now has always  been very difficult to treat with limited treatment options.    Neuropathic pain is described as a debilitating pain that renders patients unable to walk, work, sleep and enjoy life. The other clinical features of neuropathic pain are hyperalgesia,  allodynia and dysesthesia. Other important signs of neurogenic inflammation are the expansion of nerves and a degree of swelling and to a much lesser degree, heat and  redness. Basically, neuropathic pain is due to  neurogenic inflammation.  The neurogenic inflammation is caused by the depletion  or abnormal release of neuropeptides accumulated in the unmyelinated C fibers and A delta myelinated fibers in response to neuronal injury of these peptidergic sensory nerves.  The abnormal regeneration of peptidergic sensory nerves results in neurogenic inflammation and chronic or neuropathic pain.  Dr. John Lyftogt  and his instructors showed that subcutaneous near  nerve injections of dextrose can cause a instant analgesia   with a reduction of neurogenic inflammation and improvement of neuropathic pain.

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