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Testimonials to the Effectiveness of Prolotherapy

"Prolo has made a big difference in my life. An unresolved neck pain showed immediate improvement after just one treatment. A few years later I had a strain in my shoulder and  once again prolo and Dr. Smigel saved the day. The pain was gone and gone for good! Relief that doesn't require surgery and has no ill effects sounds impossible but for me it was not only possible, but preferred to the other options like steroids and surgery. " --Brian Crawford, Lawyer

I have had a chronic low back problem for well over ten years and have tried several diets and exercises to try to alleviate it. Though I had a little successes with those healing techniques, I would unfortunately and inevitably always end up injuring that area
again and would have to restart the healing process from square one. Finally, the problem became so chronic that I could hardly walk and so I decided to try prolotherapy, since three or four of my fellow monks recommended it. During my first prolotherapy session I sweated buckets as I had been told by my friends that prolotherapy is extremely painful. But instead Dr Smigel performed the process in such a way that it was very tolerable. Around a week after that first session I was able to function almost normally. I've had a
couple more session since, as this is a very old and deep injury, and I must say that though my lower back has not fully recovered at this time of writing (since it's only been a week since my last session), it has, however, undergone a vast improvement and now I am able walk normally.

--Aisvarya Dasa (Vaishnava monk) aka Alan Herbert

"Dear Dr. Smigel,

I want to share my experience to many of your patients, as prolotherapy has been a miracle for me!!!! I have been having back pain for well over 10 years, and have tried all conventional treatments, and finally received prolotherapy from Dr. Kent Pomeroy in Phoenix, Arizona in 2000. It significantly helped my pain. I moved back to Alaska and got into an auto accident that not only erased the prolo treatment but left me disabled to the point where I was unable to walk or sit for any period of time. I tried all kinds of treatment that was available in Anchorage, but nothing helped. I moved from Alaska to Hawaii largely due to my chronic lumbar pain and constant stiffness. In Kona, I received steroid shots, with WORSENED MY CONDITION!!! A friend told me that Prolotherapy was being done in Hilo by you!  Since I was all too familiar with it from Dr. Kent Pomeroy, I did not hesitate to receive it from you.   As of today, I have received 5 treatments, and pain is now intermittent at 2 out of 10, with 90% improvement of range of motion and stiffness. I am now able to do some carpentry work and some of the sports activities that I truly enjoy. It has given me my life back, which is priceless!!!
Gratefully, your patient. -- Michael T. Farleigh"

As a professional musician, I rely on the strength and flexibility of my hands and arms to do my job well. When I developed severe tendonitis in one hand, and mild tendonitis in the other, I thought I'd have to either live with the pain or stop playing. Fortunately, I received a referral to Dr. Smigel, who gave me prolotherapy injections. After only one treatment, the intense pain subsided, and after two treatments, the motion in my hands and forearms is over 90% pain free. Now I can use physical therapy to restore strength, and continue with my career.

Thank you, Dr. Smigel! --Samantha Black- Professional Musician

Liza - Thank you for your deep pioneering spirit and strong commitment to your work and research, which resultantly has brought relief and hope to so many. Your obvious concern for the well being of your patients, and others, is without peer-- Dedication and passion for that which you love to do is very likely the most important aspect of living.  I hope you enjoy this  book and find some brief "now moments" of balance and perspective!

--With All My Best and Respect, Brett Brady- poet and author of "wind in the pages"

Dr. Liza Smigel, is a dedicated scientist who explores unconventional methods in order to bring relief to her patients; I had the good fortune of receiving Prolotherapy from her and now I'm free of back pain and of the cramps that kept me awake many nights twisting on my bed. I can stand erect, walk long distances and even feel capable of playing tennis again...J

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