Prolo Hawaii

Nutritional IVs

Dr Liza Smigel offers Nutritional IVs for a variety of conditions.

Common uses of Nutritional IVs  include:

  • Muscle recovery and perfomance in athletes
  • Aiding healing post-surgery
  • Immune support
  • Post-cancer treatment
  • Malabsorption disorders
  • Chelation of heavy metals
  • Many other disorders

A major benefit of IV nutrition is that nutrients are delivered to cells without interference from the digestive system.  This mode of treatment is ideal for people suffering from bloating,  Chron’s disease, maldigestion, IBS and other digestive disorders where nutrients may not be absorbed properly.  Similarly, many conditions cause the body to use up nutrients at a faster rate, and individualized IV nutrition can help correct this deficiency and aid in healing.  Extreme athletes also benefit from IV nutrition; nutrients such as magnesium, B-vitamins, calcium, vitamin C and glutathione are injected directly in the blood stream to optimize energy capacity, cell function and

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